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Virtual Toy Chest's
A Bug's Life Archive

The "A Bug's life" toys were based on the 1998 Pixar movie.
  • Ant Island Fights Back Playset
  • Atta Plush Doll
  • Battle Bird
  • Battle of the Ant Brigade Playset
  • Bug Circus Playset
  • Bug Circus to the Rescue Playset
  • Circus Battle Wagon
  • Enemy Hopper Figure
  • Enemy Molt Figure
  • Flik (Hang Glider)
  • Flik (Inventor)
  • Flik (Warrior)
  • Francis and Slim Figures
  • Giant Light-Up Anthill
  • Hopper Hideout Playset
  • Princess Atta Figure
  • Tuck & Roll Figure 2-Pack

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