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Action Heroes were made in the early 80s by Marchon Inc. The Troop and Prison Transporter is the only toy that we have been able to find from this series. Its item number is 21060. Several figures are pictured on the box. We do not believe that these were ever commercially produced.

The Transporter is one of the great lesser known toys of the 80s. It is scaled to fit action figures up to 4 1/2 inches tall. As is indicated on the box it is operated by remote control. It can roll forward or backward on the ground or it can be suspended to run along a string. There are two command stations and a control panel on the rear of the vehicle. One side of the vehicle has two look out stations, and the other has a prison complete with latching door. Two ray guns are mounted on the front of the vehicle.

Troop and Prison Transporter Box front

Troop and Prison Transporter Box back

Troop and Prison Transporter side

Troop and Prison Transporter 3/4 view

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