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Aibo, the robot dog, was released by Sony in 1999. It was rather advanced for its time, and behaved very much like a real dog. It could run, play, fetch, and disobey. It navigated via an integrated camera, and could learn more than 50 voice commands. All of this technology cost big bucks. It was priced at over $2,000. Its high cost limited its market. However if you think about it, Aibo is not much more expensive than caring for a real dog. The second generation units were much less expensive and started at only $850. The most expensive third generation units only cost $1,599. Sony announced that it would discontinue Aibo on January 26, 2006.

Sony produced twelve versions of Aibo. They are generally categorized into three generations. The first generation models have a tail with a little ball on the end. The 210 looks more like a lynx, sporting pointy ears and tail. The 220 looks more like a transformer than a dog. The Latte and Macaron look similar. They have 'docked' tails and a collar. The third generation models have a pill shaped head and hollow ears and tail.

The third generation units have faster processors and more memory than previous models. This lets them understand up to 180 commands. They also boast higher resolution cameras, and more infrared sensors then their predecessors. They also have a wifi connection.

Generation 1
  • ERS-110: Silver
  • ERS-111: Grey or Black

Generation 2
  • ERS-210: Available in many Colors
  • ERS-210A
  • ERS-220: Silver
  • ERS-311 'Latte': Cream
  • ERS-311b
  • ERS-312 'Macaron': Black
  • ERS-31l: Brown

Generation 3
  • ERS-7: White
  • ERS-7M2: White or Black
  • ERS-7M3: White Black, or Brown

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