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The first Air Hog, called the Sky Shark, was released in 1998 by SpinMaster toys. It ran on a single piston air powered engine that was similar to the ones in Tomy's Air Jammers vehicles. The plane was a big hit and the brand soon expanded to include other planes. These include the Red Hornet, Striker, and Accelerator. A Boeing Delta air rocket, and Motocross Superbike were also released.

More recently the Air Hogs brand has grown to include electric powered planes. The first of these where the E-Chargers which featured rapidly recharging batteries. A larger rapid charging plane called the Eradicator was then released.

The brand now includes radio control planes and helicopters. These include the Slinger, Sky Winder, Defender (Small skywinder), Aero Ace biplane, Dominator stealth bomber, Rush/ Intense single engine plane, F-16 Falcon, Room Raider jet, Vectron UFO, Helix microcopter, Sky Patrol microcopter, Apache microcopter, and a teathered micro copter.

Two of their hottest products are the Storm Launcher radio control hyrdo plane and Zero Gravity wall climbing truck.

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