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McFarlane Toys produced several Akira figures in their 3D Animation from Japan series. These included Akira, Tetsuo, Kaneda's Bike, Akira and Throne, and Joker.

Medicom produced a 12" Kaneda, Neo Tokyo Army A, and Neo Tokyo Army figures. These figures are extremely hard to find, as they were only available at a convention that was held in Japan in 2000. Medicom also produced a Kaneda and Bike Kubrick set.

Ban Dai made a Die Cast Metal Kaneda's Bike as part of its Soul of Popynica chogokin series. It is 1/12 scale and is approximately 7" long.

A series of gashapon (small pvcs) were produced by Kaiyodo and Movic. Each figure was available painted or clear.

Series 1
  • Akira on Throne
  • The Colonel
  • Kaneda on Bike
  • Kaneda on Crashed Hoverbike
  • Tetsuo Leaping Back

Series 2
  • Kaneda Sitting on Bike
  • Man with Gun
  • Man Praying on Bench
  • Tetsuo Deformed
  • Tetsuo in Trenchcoat

Series 3
  • Kaneda on Bike down hill
  • Kei
  • Takashi
  • Tetsuo Attacking
  • Tetsuo sitting on the Side of Bike
  • Yamagata

Alpha ToyCom produced a statue of Akira sitting in the chair, and Tetsuo knealing. Graphitti Designs produced a porcelin Akira statue in 1989. Various other resin models and busts were also produced.

All kinds of other merchandise including comic books, video games, trading cards, mouse pads, lighters, jigsaw puzzles, pinball machines, wall clocks, phone cars, animation cells, and badges.

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