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A line of 3 3/4" scale military-themed toys that were K-Mart exclusives from the early 80's to early 90's. Most were made by Remco (who sold similar non-exclusive military figures under many different names such as "U.S. Forces" and "Commando Force"), but originally the American Defense figures were based on Galoob's 3 3/4" scale A-Team molds and sold in two-packs. The A-Team based molds would later be available, under various names, at many variety and dollar store outlets from the mid-1980's until the mid-1990's, and some would be used on the first Bronze Bombers toys. After Remco went out of business in the early 1990's, Adventure Man molds were used, which were noticably different due to their lack of o-ring contruction.

During the period that Remco produced the American Defense line there were a few sublines, such as a spy themed series and figures with water squirting accessories.

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