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Hasbro released the Animorphs in 1999. Despite being part of the Transformers series, the line was spectacularly unsuccessful in the stores. The combination of Transformers with Teen Books just didn't jive.

  • AX as Deluxe Panther
  • AX as Mega Scorpion
  • Casie as Wolf
  • Casie Jake and Marco as Tri Rex
  • Jake as Deluxe Grizzly
  • Jake as Deluxe Tiger
  • Jake as Deluxe Stingray
  • Marco as Deluxe Beetle
  • Marco as Deluxe Gorilla
  • Rachael as Lion
  • Taxxon as Deluxe Alien
  • Tobias as Deluxe Hawk
  • Tobias as Deluxe Mega Hawk
  • Tobias as Under 3
  • Visser 3 Mega Inferno Creature
  • Ultra Visser 3 Hork Bajir

Some of these figures are quite rare. Jake as Stingray is one such figure and was only released in Europe. A whole new series of figures were scheduled to be produced in 2000. They never made it to stores.

Taco Bell, KFC and Pizza Hut figures.
  • Casie as Anteater
  • Jake as Shark
  • Marco as Lizard
  • Rachael as Fly
  • Tobias as Hawk

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