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Appleseed Archive

Several action figures have been produced for the classic anime Appleseed.

ToyCom produced a wide range of figures

Posable Mini 4" Figures
  • Briareos
  • Carmine
  • Cerulean
  • Deunan
  • Guges
  • Hitomi Standing
  • Hitome Sitting
  • Viridian

Active Motion Mode Posable Mini Figures by Yujin
  • Briabeos
  • Deunan
  • Deunan suit
  • Kudoh
  • Priss

Yamato produced several large 6-8" figures
  • Brialeos
  • Dunan Nuts K-2 Type
  • Dunan Nuts Oak Type
  • Briaeos
  • Deunan

There have also been vinyl kits of Breirios. One included both Deunan and Hitome.

Several Dunan Knute Sculptures have been produced.

  • Deunan Knute
  • Deunan with Sword
  • Deunan in 'borat' bathing suit
  • Deunan in white body suit

Super Deformed Deunan and Breirios

Gashapon Guges D

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