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Armored Core 2 Archive

In 2001 Diamond imported Kotobukiya's Armored Core 2: Another Age action figures. They stand 6" tall and feature tons of articulation.
  1. 1 ZCH-GR/1 (Gray)
  2. 2 Blue
  3. 3 ECL-ONE (red)

3" Trading Posable PVC figures by Kotobukiya 2003. At least three series were released. Each figure has 3 color variants and has removable weapons.

The ArtFX division of Kotobukiya also produced High End Action Models of the mechs.
  • Emeraude ECM-XR00 High End Action Model 1
  • ZIO ZCL-XA/2 High End Action Model 2
  • Ziomatrix ZCX F/Rook High End Action Model 3

1/72 scale model kits
  • Armored Core Creest CR-C75U2 Close Combat
  • Armored Core Creest CR-C9OU3 Dual Face
  • Mirage C01 Gaea
  • Mirage C05 Selena
  • Mirage YC07 Cronus Vixen

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