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Water Vortex Aang

Water Nation Aang
Water Nation Aang

Air Cannon Aang
Air Cannon Aang

Ice Attack Aang
Ice Attack Aang

Air Cannon Aang
Air Cannon Aang

Fire Blast Zuko

Avatar the Last Airbender toy were released by Mattel in 2006.
  • Avatar Roku
  • Air Bending Aang
  • Air Bending Aang and King Bumi
  • King Bumi
  • Water Nation Aang
  • Water Vortex Aang
  • Avatar Spirit Aang
  • Avatar Spirit Aang and Roku
  • Deluxe Air Cannon Aang
  • Deluxe Ice Attack Aang
  • Deluxe Fire Blast Zuko
  • Water Tribe Sokka
  • War Paint Sokka
  • Prince Zuko
  • Blue Spirit Zuko
  • Admiral Zhang
  • Firebending Soldier
  • Aang Launching Appa Beast
  • Air Nation Battle Glider
  • Fire Attack Rhino
  • 10" Ultimate Avatar Aang
  • 10" Fire Assault Zuko

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