I created the virtual toy chest so that I could share the joy of toys with others. As I shall explain, this simple purpose has profound implcations. Children are innately happy. They are full of wonder, curiosity, and love. They are naturally playful and creative. As we grow up we are changed by the world around us and lose many of these precious qualities. Seeing the toys of our childhoods reminds us of our youthful states of mind. This in itself is good. However, there is more that can be gained from the experience. You can recapture these states. Although this is not easy, it does not require any worldly qualities. The only things that are needed are personal reflection and development.

There is more that can be gained from this site. To children toys seem to have a magical quality. Hopefully you can still see them in this way. However, through time we can lift this veil and see the toys without this quality. As horrible as this sounds it may teach us an important lesson. The toys are the work of ordinary people, not magicians. They are imperfect. From this we learn that the work of mere mortals like you an I can be a force of great good.

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