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Barbie shocked the toy world when she was released in 1959. She was not soft and cuddly like Raggedy Ann. Rather she had a solid skeleton inside of a rubber skin. She was not an infant that needed care. Instead she was a modern woman. It was this point that made Barbie so radical, and that also endeared her to so many little girls who wanted to be grown up. Barbie was in fact influenced by a doll called Lilli that was produced in Germany. Lilli was based on a cartoon in a German mens magazine Bild Zeitung. Not surprisingly, Lilli was not intended for little girls. Ruth Handler, Barbie's creator and co-owner of Mattel, came upon a Lilli doll while on a trip to Europe. Seeing its potential, she brought the doll back to the states and began designing Barbie. The rest is history.

Over the decades thousands of different Barbies have been released. The first one wore a strapless black and white striped bathing suit. In 1961 she got a boy friend named Ken. By the 70s she had a whole bunch of friends including Stacey, Christie, and Midge. Together they live of luxury in the Dream House and driving the pink Corvette.

pom pom divas barbie front of box
Pom Pom Divas Barbie back of box
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Pom Pom Divas Barbie
Pom Pom Divas Barbie
Pom Pom Divas Barbie

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