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In the heartland of America, the reminants of a secret military experiment have been burried for many years. This was soon to change. One day, strange things started happening down on the farm. Farmer Bob's latest crop of grain had an odd glow to it. After eating some of the grain the Pigs and Sheep started acting kindof funny. Some started driving the tractors around like tanks, others started digging trenches. Soon after an all out war erupted, between the Barnyard Commandos!!!


Sergeant Woolly Pullover

Commodore Fleece Cardigan

Major Legger Mutton

Pilot Fluff Pendleton

RAM Tank


General Hamfat Lardo

Private Side O'Bacon

Sergeant Shoat N. Sweet

Captain Tusker Chitlins


Series 2


Master Sergeant Cornelius Cannonfodder
Private Bull Bellwether
Commnader Missiles Muttonchop

Lieutenant Sure Shoot Sherling

(Special thanks to X for donating the pictures of the figures from series 2


Corporal Hy Onahog

Staff Sergeant Blaster Mc Bacon

Major Piggyback Gunner

Captain Hog Wilde

These toys were made by Playmates in 1989.

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