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On a small world far from Cybertron the battle of machines wages on. This time it is taken up by the Battle Beasts, fierce creatures that are half-robot and half-beast. Each beast has the power of one of the three elements, Wood, Water, and Fire. Who will triumph in this elemental battle of beast versus beast?

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Laser Beasts



This series was a spinoff of the Transformers. It was created by Takara of Japan in the mid 1980s. In 1987 it was brought to America by Hasbro. Four series were released. The first three contain beasts 1 - 76. They each have a heat sensitive rub sign on their chest and a hand to hand weapon. Three pull back vehicles and three transforming bases were also released. The fourth series was called Laser or Shadow beasts. These were released in small numbers in America, although the Japanese versions are somewhat more common. These figures have orbs in their chest instead of rubs and they come with a gun in the shape of a beast. Some small chariots were also released as part of the Laser Beast line in Japan. In addition to these figures some promo figures were also made. These were made of clear plastic and were available only in special sets.

The figures were released in Japan in small boxes and in larger multi-packs. In America they were released on blister cards, two per card. Larger sets were also available in boxes. The vehicles came in boxes.

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