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BeetleJuice is one of those series that surprised me. The movie which was directed by Tim Burton was dark but funny. However, I did not think that it would appeal to kids like Ghostbusters. I couldn't have been more wrong. It spawned a surprisingly sophisticated cartoon and toy series.

The toys were made by Kenner from 1989 to 1990. The sculpts of many of the figures were borrowed from the Real Ghost Busters series.

  • Adam Maitland
  • Harry the Haunted Hunter
  • Otho the Obnoxious
  • Sish Kebab Beetlejuice
  • Showtime Beetlejuice
  • Spinhead Beetlejuice
  • Exploding Head Beetlejuice
  • Hungry Hog
  • Old Buzzard
  • Shipwreck Beetlejuice
  • Street Rat
  • Teacher Creature
  • Creepy Cruiser
  • Phantom Flyer
  • Vanishing Vault
  • Talking Beetlejuice

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