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These tops are distributed by Hasbro. They were originally produced by Takara Toy Co. of Japan. There are four different types of tops: Attack; Defense; Endurance; and Combination. Each type has a guardian spirit. The attack spirit is Spin Dragoon. The spirit of defense is Draciel. Dranzer is the spirit of combination. The spirit of endurance is Driger. Each top is composed of five parts: the bit chip; the attack ring; the weight disk; the spin gear; and the blade base. The parts from the tops are compatible and can be interchanged to make new tops.

Attack Types

1: Spin Dragoon

5: Megaro Arm

17: Grip Attacker

A-9: Galzzly

A-17: Trygle

A-25: Dragoon Fighter

A-31: Master Dragoon

34: Dragoon Storm

Defense Types

2: Ultimate Saizo

15: Bakushin-Oh

A-14: Draciel S

A-33: Master Draciel

A-10: Galman

A-12: Seaborg

31: Wing Defenser

Combination Types





27: Auto Change Balancer

A-24: Driger F

40: Metal Draciel

A-27: Dranzer F

35: Driger S

A-36: Wyborg

Endurance Types

6: Spark Knight

18: Bearing Stinger

A-11: Wolfborg

A-32: Master Dranzer

Electronic Tops

B-5: Dragoon Storm

B-6: Dranzer S

B-9: Dragoon Fantom

Hidden Spirits Transforming Tops

A-28: Griffolyon

44: Hayate

A-34: Salamalyon

45: Zinrai

Power Spirit Figures


Spring Launcher

Sliding Launcher


Spin Blaster

Earthquake Arena

Blizzard Bowl

The Vortex

Mini Stadiums

Storm Attack

Spin Fire Bomb

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