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In 1979 Milton Bradley introduced the Big Trak, the first programmable electronic toy vehicle. It preceded LJN's 255 Computer Command Corvette by several years. Being cutting edge, it carried a high price. It originally sold for about $40.00. This may not seem like much now, but you have to remember that at the time most action figures cost less than $2.00.

Over the years two different versions were produced. One was white and the other was grey. They grey units seemed to have fared better over the last 25 years, as the plastic has discolored in many of the white ones. That being said, many of the units have broken axels, or damaged motors.

The Big Trak has six wheels, and looks something like a large futuristic troop transporter. There is a 24 function membrane keypad on its roof. It has a numeric keypad, as well as special commands to move in different directions, stop, fire the photon cannon, repeat a command, delete a command, activate an external unit, and import a command. Its memory could hold upto 16 commands.

In addition to moving, the Big Trak had an internal speaker, and lights. These were activated with various commands, most notably the photon cannon. It ran on four D cells and a 9 volt battery. The latter was placed inside the turret at the top of the unit. The lights could be replaced by unscrewing the hatches on the front of the Big Trak.

A transport cargo carrier accessory was produced. It plugged into the rear of the Big Trak and could be used to haul cargo. It was also electronic and could be programmed to dump its load. It ran on 1 D battery.

The Big Trak can be seen on a shelf in the background in the sceen from E.T. the Extraterrestrial in which Drew Barrymore was watching TV.

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