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It has been some years since the Bionic Man, Jack Bennet, had been in action. Little did he know that was about to change. He was leading his family on a scientific expedition in the himalayas. Suddenly they were attacked by a pack of powerful creatures. The ensuing battle started an avalanche that traps Jack and his family. Deep in the ice they are exposed to a mysterious energy that causes them to fall into a deep trance. Jack is the only one who is not affected, his bionics make him immune. After some time they were rescued by Professor Amadeus Sharp. Unfortunately Jack’s family did not recover from the trance. Professor Sharp decided to implant special bionics in each of the family members in the hope that it would wake them from the trance. The procedures were a success, and Jack’s family were reunited. They are THE BIONIC SIX!!!

Meanwhile the evil Dr. Scarab and his minions of destruction are plotting to conquer the world. The only ones who can oppose him are the Bionic Six. Can the Bionic Six stop him in time or will Dr. Scarab carry out his evil plan?

The Bionic Six

Bunji and Helen

J.D., Meg, and Eric


Secret Headquarters

The Forces of Evil

Klunk, Dr. Scarab, and Madamme O

Chopper, Mechanic, and Glove

Flying Laser Throne

This series was released by LJN in 1986. It included 13 figures, 2 laser playsets, 2 small vehicles, and a van. It tied in with a cartoon that was released by MCA TV.

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