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boogaz pick 'n' flick launcher moc
Pick 'N' Flick Launcher Back of Card

boogaz oozey nose moc
Oozey Nose Back of Card

boogaz two pack moc

Boogaz were created by Moose Enterprise in 2007. They were distributed in the States by Hound Dog Co.


  • Gunkyard Dog
  • Teddy Bear Pick Nic
  • Brad Spit
  • Snotbot
  • Hanky Hogan
  • Snotball
  • Octo-pus
  • April Obscene
  • Nosey Parker
  • R-nold Snotzennegar
  • Ah-Choo
  • Sir Picks Alot

  • Slobin Hood
  • Sergeant Snot
  • Captain Crook
  • Dirty Hanky
  • Smelvis
  • Pus Hilltin

Glowing Ultra Rare
  • Snot No Mates
  • Doc Snot
  • Frankenslime
  • Skummy Mummy
  • Boogeyman
  • Snotty Claus

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