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Enter a future in which the world is ruled by a mega-company called the CORP. Led by the evil Dr. Hiss, the CORP and its army of bots rule with an iron fist. Only the Bots Master, Ziv Zulander, and his Boyzz stand in the way of this ruthless tyrant. With the aid of Jungle Fiver they fight the CORP in the battle of the bots.

Ziv Zulander




Jungle Fiver

Half B

Heli B

Hover B

Jet B

Tank B

Dr. Hiss



Green Bot

Chopper Bot



This series was produced by Toy Biz in 1994. All 16 figures were released on blister cards. Jungle Fiver was also released in a special 5 pack box set. The series tied into a cartoon of the same name. You could watch the show in 3D with the special glasses that came with each figure.

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