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In New Texas the gun is still the law of the land. Unfortunately, as of late, an outlaw gang, lead by the evil Tex Hex, have been the ones with the guns. Being outlaws and such, they have ravaged the space port town of Fort Kerium. The mayor sends an urgent message to the earth council asking for help. His aid comes in the form of Sheriff Bravestarr. A real hero with the eyes of a hawk, the strength of a bear, and the reflexes of a cougar. He is ever vigilant to keep the citizens of New Texas safe from harm.

Thanks to Patrick Jackson for the data on these toys.

Handle Bar, 30/30, and Bravestarr

Marshal BraveStarr
The toughest lawman in the Western Galaxy
Quick-Draw Action!

When the spaceport-town of Fort Kerium was under attack from all sides by the wicket band of space outlaws headed by Tex Hex, the Mayor petitioned the Earth Council for help. He expected an army of tough, fearless lawmen. He only got one. But one was enough. Because he was…Marshal BraveStarr!
Accessories: Neutra-laser pistol - Trans-freezer rifle - Nugget of Kerium - Comic with Poster

Bravestarr front view
Bravestarr 3/4 view
Bravestarr side view

Laserfire Bravestarr front view
Laserfire Bravestarr 3/4 view
Laserfire Bravestarr side view

Robotic stallion stands up to Tex Hex!

30/30 3/4 view
30/30 standing
30/30 side view
Bravestarr on Thiry Thirty

Powerful ally to Marshall BraveStarr
Strong-Arm Fling Action!

He’s as big and solid as a wall of granite. This alien owner of the Fort Kerium Cantina strong-arms his way against the most evil of outlaws when BraveStarr needs a right-hand man. When it comes to flinging a disc, he has no match in the galaxy! Discs can reflect infra-red beam, too!
Accessories: 2 "silver" flinging disks - Nugget of Kerium - Comic with Poster

Deputy Fuzz and Col. Borobot

Deputy Fuzz
Sidekick to Marshall BraveStarr
With his “Prairie Rocket” vehicle / includes the amazing “Multi-rope” lasso!

This little hero can usually be found near his hero, Marshall BraveStarr; along with being the deputy, Fuzz manages the Marshal’s office and jail. With his Multi-rope in hand, he can tie down outlaws and evil-doers with a flick of his wrist!
Accessories: Nugget of Kerium - Comic with Poster

Deputy Fuzz front view
Deputy Fuzz 3/4 view
Deputy Fuzz mining

Colonel Borobot
Accessories: bugle - sword - Nugget of Kerium - Comic with Poster
It Changes!

Strato Coach

Futuristic stagecoach becomes interstellar air machine!

Squeeze lever and wheels flip…Stratocoach is ready to fly.
Accessories: Driver Seat - Door - "Radar" Console - Tail Fin - Strong-Box - Kerium Storage Compartment - Lower Rear Body Panel - 2 Large and 2 Small Wheels - Side Weapon Controller - "Neutra-laser" Cannon - Turbo-Mule - 3 Kerium Nuggets

Fort Kerrium

Thunderstick, Tex Hex, and Sandstorm

Tex Hex
Dangerous leader of the most wanted Space Outlaw gang ever
Quick-Draw Action!

He came from the dark side of the Western Galaxy, leading the most dangerous gang of Space Outlaws that ever stormed through the Stars. He is out to steal all the Kerium on New Texas! Then he will control the Planet!
Accessories: 2 knives - Neutra-laser pistol - Trans-freezer rifle - Nugget of Kerium - Comic with Poster

Tex Hex front view
Tex Hex 3/4 view
Tex Hex side view

Terrifying robotic outlaw
Lightning-Fast Draw!

Thunderstick front view
Thunderstick 3/4 view
Thunderstick side view

Hideous Henchman of Tex Hex
"Vapor" Spray-Blast!

This bold and ugly creature keeps the outlaws in line for his boss, Tex Hex. If a troop of trouble gets in his way, he’ll stir up a storm of knock-out vapors. For a real super stupor, he’ll blast ‘em with his vapor blaster!
Accessories: Vapor Blaster - Nugget of Kerium - Comic with Poster

Sandstorm front view
Sandstorm 3/4 view
Sandstorm side view

Laser Pack, Outlaw Skuzz, and the Skull Walker

Outlaw Scuzz
Despicable Prairie Pirate
With his “Scuzz Bucket” air machine!

The only Prairie Person that ever went bad, this space weasel crawled out of the desert to become a spy for Tex Hex. He always sneaks around New Texas on the hunt for weapons and kerium to steal.
Accessories: Nugget of Kerium - Comic with Poster

Skull Walker
Tex Hex’s air machine

Tex Hex and Skull Walker swoop down for surprise attacks. When the deed is done, it turns into a land vehicle.
It Walks!

This series was produced in 1987 by Mattel. It tied into a cartoon of the same name.

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