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Brotherhood of Arms Archive

Brotherhood of Arms is Sideshow Toys American Civil War series. At least five series were released from 2001 to the present.

  • Bedford Forrest
  • C.S. Infantry Bugler Army of Northern Virginia
  • Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
  • CS 29th Alabama Infantry
  • CS Cav. 1st Virginia Cavalry
  • CS Infantry Officer, Army of Northern Virginia
  • Confederate 1st Texas Infantry
  • Confederate South 57th Virginia Infantry
  • Gen. Thomas J 'Stonewall' Jackson
  • General George A. Custer
  • General Jeb Stuart
  • General Robert E. Lee
  • General Ulysses S. Grant
  • Major General William Tecumseh Sherman
  • President Abraham Lincoln
  • US 2nd 'Berdan' Sharpshooter
  • US 2nd Wisonsin Infantry
  • US 100th Pennsylvania Infantry
  • US 146th NY Zouave Infantryman
  • US Cav. 6th Michigan Cavalry
  • US Infantry Officer, Army of the Potomac
  • Bugler and Zouave set
  • Berdan and 57th Virginia Set
  • 2nd Wisconsin and 1st Texas Set
  • 100th Penn and 29th Alabama Set
  • Civil War Rifles Carded set 1
  • 53rd Georgia Infantry Carded Set 2
  • 88th N.Y. Infantry Carded Set 3
  • 18th Georgia Bn. Carded Set 4
  • 7th North Carolina Infantry Carded Set 5
  • 2nd Wisconsin Infantry Carded Set 6
  • 2nd US 'Berdan' Sharpshooter Carded Set 7
  • 1st Texas Infantry Carded Set 8
  • Federal 6 Pounder 1841 Field Artillery Gun

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