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Brushfire Rodentia was On the Lamb Games first miniatures release. It is a skirmish based wargame set in the anthrapomorphic world of Brushfire, which is loosely based on 19th century history. At present there are eight factions, representing countries from all across the globe. When the battle is over, adventures can be continued in the Historia Rodentia role playing game.

Brushfire uses a d10 based system. It is now in its second edition.

The factions:

  • The Empire of Aquitar
  • The Commonwealth of Axony
  • The Dynasty of Chugoku
  • The Civitan Trade Alliance
  • The Ribenguo Shogunate
  • The Empire of Scyzantium
  • The Vandalands
  • The Tribes of Zabar
  • The Cult of Exomorphism
  • The Federated States of Vespuccia
  • The Vandalands Ordenstaat
  • The Volk-Urssia Republic

The Empire of Aquitar

  • Arsene Leblanc
  • Weasel Trapper
  • Marmot Medic
  • Mongoose Legionnaire
  • Weasel Fusilier
  • Bagder-at-Claw
  • Gopher Engineer
  • Mole Tactician (Moleon II)
  • Shrew Carbineer (On Kiwi)
  • Shrew Hussar

The Commonwealth of Axony

  • Heavy Brigadier
  • Devon Brigadier
  • Kernish Terrier
  • Bulldog Regulars
  • Mare Civitas

  • Mouse Lancer
  • Mouse Conscript
  • Juan of Brisica

  • Ordenstaat

    • Jacques of Martinique

    The Dynasty of Chugoku

  • Red Wu (red panda)
  • Kong Ming (Orangutan)
  • Lem Han (Chicken Cavalry)
  • Hua Poi Kay & Lao Yi (rabbit)
  • Wu Xian (Tiger Hero)
  • Cangshu Dun

  • The Vandalands

    • Valkyr
    • Chipmunk weapon team
    • Capybara Captaine
    • Hampster berserker
    • Rat Raider
    • Gotz Von Federwerk
    • Arctos Nevsky

    The Ribenguo Shogunate

    • Otter Ashigaru
    • Fox Shinobi
    • Konuichi
    • Tanuki
    • Amamimoto the Ronin (Rabbit)
    • Tamatama (Penguin)

    The Tribes of Zabar

    • Shaka War Hog
    • Hyena Witch Doctor
    • Pride Lioness
    • Loxodon

    The Empire of Scyzantium

    • Sand Guard
    • Aqamid Vizier
    • Veiled Assassin (Chameleon)
    • Gecko Rider on Turtle
    • Adwaita Engineer
    • Tajir Serai
    • Kardaxx (Gator)

    Cult of Exomorphism

    • Queen
    • Legion (Ant)
    • Troll (Beetle)
    • Will O Wisp

    The Federated States of Vespuccia

    • Captain Kit H. Flintlock

    brushfire rodentia Otter Ashigaru

    brushfire rodentia Otter Ashigaru

    brushfire rodentia Otter Ashigaru

    brushfire rodentia

    brushfire rodentia

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