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In New Texas the gun is still the law of the land. Unfortunately, as of late, an outlaw gang, lead by the evil Tex Hex, have been the ones with the guns. Being outlaws and such, they have ravaged the space port town of Fort Kerium. The mayor sends an urgent message to the earth council asking for help. His aid comes in the form of Sheriff Bravestarr. A real hero with the eyes of a hawk, the strength of a bear, and the reflexes of a cougar. He is ever vigilant to keep the citizens of New Texas safe from harm.

Handle Bar, 30/30, and Bravestarr

Deputy Fuzz and Col. Borobot

Strato Coach

Fort Kerrium

Thunderstick, Tex Hex, and Sandstorm

Laser Pack, Outlaw Skuzz, and the Skull Walker

This series was produced in 1987 by Mattel. It tied into a cartoon of the same name.

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