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The Xenozoic Tales comic book was created by Mark Schultz in 1986. Only 14 issues were made, but they achieved cult status and have been republished by several comic book companies. In the early 90s a TV series based on the comic was aired on CBS. It was called Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Again it had a short run and only 13 episodes were made. An arcade game was made by Capom and a PC game was made by Rocket Science Games. A series of toys was made by Tyco in 1993. The triceratops and kentrosuarus use the same sculpts as those used in the Dino-Riders series, however they do not have the same armor.

  • Jack "Cadillac" Tenrec
  • Hannah Dundee
  • Mustapha Cairo
  • Jungle Fighting Jack
  • Hammer Terhune
  • Vice Terhune
  • Hermes
  • Zeke
  • Jack's Glider
  • Jack's Cadillac
  • Hammer's Tribike
  • Triceratops
  • Kentrosaurus

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