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Gaia, the spirit of the earth, has given five children rings embued with the powers of nature to combat the forces of pollution. Ma Ti was given the power of heart, Kwame the power of earth, Linka the power of wind, Gi the power of water, and Wheeler the power of fire. Together they are The Planeteers. When things get dirty they can combine their powers to summon Captain Planet Earth's Greatest Champion.

Captain Planet with Color Change

Flying Captain Planet

Arctic Captain Planet

Armor Captain Planet

Light and Thunder Captin Planet

Captain Planet with Power Commands

Captain Planet with Exploding Meteor

Tornado Captin Planet


Linka with Eco Commands


Ma Ti

Ma Ti with rescue pack



Wheeler with tread pack

Wheeler with grappling hook

Wheeler with Ec Commands

Commander Clash

Geo Cruiser

Eco Sub


Planeteer Copter

Eco Jailer

Crystal Matrix

Hoggish Greedly

Toxic Cannon

Duke Nukem

Nuclear Reactor

Verminous Skumm


Sly Sludge

Toxic Trap

Garbage Cannon Truck

Dr. Blight and MAL

Argos Bleak

Exploding Garbage Cans

These toys were made in 1992 by Tiger Toys. They tied into the cartoon of the same name.

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