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Chuck Norris: Undercover Agent

The Karate Kommandos are called on by the President to defend the country from the evil Vulture organization. Can Chuck Norris and the rest of the team stop the Claw and the mysterious Super Ninja?

The Forces of Good

Chuck Norris in Kung Fu training Gi

Signature Move: "Dragonwhip" Back-Kick
Weapons: Forked Hitsu Bat, and "Dragon's Tooth" Leg Weapon

Chuck Norris in Kung Fu training Gi Mint on Card

Chuck Norris in Kung Fu training Gi Loose

Chuck Norris in Battle Gear
Signature Move: Dual-Flash Karate Chops
Weapons: Kuto Baton, and Bochaku Sticks

Chuck Norris in Battle Gear Mint on Card

Chuck Norris in Battle Gear Loose

Chuck Norris: Undercover Agent
Signature Move: Sekitei Somersault
Weapons: Wild Boar Mace, and Cyclone Hammer

Chuck Norris: Undercover Agent Mint on Card

Chuck Norris: Undercover Agent Loose


Signature Move: Shogun Sidearm-Thrust
Weapons: Engraved Samurai Sword, and Shogun Iron-Bladed Fan

Kimo Mint on Card

Kimo Loose

Reed Smith
Signature Move: Double Flying-Falcon Kick
Weapons: "Fan-Tail" Baton, and Pagoda Deflector Staff

Reed Smith Mint on Card

Reed Smith Loose

Signature Move: Earthquake Shake
Weapons: Tsuri-Dashi Paddle, Jutsu Cymbals

Tabe Mint on Card

Tabe Loose

Custom-Designed Karate Corvette

Weapons: Double Shinobi-Slicers, Onokamo Fender-Blade, and Trampoline Spoiler

Karate Corvette In Box

Karate Corvette Back of Box

Karate Corvette Side View

Karate Corvette 3/4 View

Karate Corvette Ready For Action

The Forces of Evil

Ninja Warrior

Signature Move: Typhoon Arm-Smash
Weapons: Whirlwind Star of Terror, and Kobuko Butterfly Blade

Black Ninja Warrior Mint on Card

Black Ninja Warrior Loose

Red Ninja Warrior Loose

Super Ninja and Ninja Serpent
Signature Move: "Cobra-Strike" Kick
Weapons: Getsu "Cobra's Fang" Leg Weapon, and Spiked Ninja Sword

Purple Super Ninja Mint on Card

Purple Super Ninja Loose

Black Super Ninja Loose

Accessory Set

Unproduced Prototypes

The Claw

These toys were made by Kenner in 1986. A five part animated mini-series was produced by Ruby-Spears.

Special thanks to Patrick Jackson for compiling the info on these toys.

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