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Creepy Crawlers were first sold by Mattel in 1964. They were some of the first toys that you could make at home. They featured metal molds that could be filled with Plasti-Goop. The filled mold could be heated in a special oven to cure the goop. Mattel later marketed Creepy Crawlers as Thingmaker.

Incomplete checklist

  • Creeple People
  • Fighting Men
  • Giant Creepy Crawlers

  • Fright Factory
  • Fun Flowers
  • Slitherees
  • Tarzan

  • Picadoos
  • Mini-Dragons
  • Squirtles

  • Eeeeks!
  • Zoofie Goofies

  • Dolly Makers
  • Super Cartoon Maker

  • Jillions of Jewels

In 1978 Mattel released Thingmaker II. It featured a new safer oven, plastic molds, and a new formulation of the goop.

In 1992 Creepy Crawlers were revived by ToyMax. In addition to producing a new oven with new molds, a series of action figures were produced.

Some of the new molds included
  • Batman Forever
  • Dinosaurs
  • Disney's Gargoyles
  • Looney Tunes
  • Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  • Scary Scurries
  • Spiderman
  • X-men

1994 series of action figures
  • 2-Ugly
  • Chris Carter
  • Commantis
  • Hocus Locust
  • Professor Guggengrime
  • Rumble Bee
  • Shockaroach
  • Spooky Goopy
  • Squirminator
  • Sting Ring
  • T-3
  • Volt Jolt

Most recently Creepy Crawlers have been produced by Jakks Pacific.

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