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Enter Cystalium, a world ravaged by war. Twin brothers, Crystar and Moltar, led the forces of good and triumphed over evil. Unfortunately all is not well. The forces of Chaos, led by the evil wizard Zardeth, plan on conquering the planet. They befriend Moltar, who then betrays his brother. Crystar is saved by Ogeode, the Wizard champion of Order, who merges Cystar's life essence with the great Prisma Crystal. Not to be out done, Zardeth magically transforms Moltar, embuing him with the power of Lava. Which brother will triumph and become ruler of Crystalium?

Action Figures







Zardeth Loose

Magma Man

Catapult playset: no pic

Magic playset: no pic


Crystal Dragon

Lava Dragon


Crystal Castle

These toys were made by Remco in 1983. They were the official toys for the Comic Books.

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