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Centurions Archive

The Centurions are a group of special operatives who are assigned to stop the evil Dr. Terror and his army of drones. They are lead by Ace McCloud, an aerial assault specialist. Jake Rockwell is the land operations expert. Max Ray is the sea operations specialist. They use advanced battle suits that are teleported to them from their H.Q. in earth orbit.

Dr. Terror is a maniacal genius who is bent on conquering the world. He carries out his evil plans with the aid of his cyborg goon Hacker and his army of drones.

Ace McCloud

Orbital Interceptor, and Skybolt

Jake Rockwell

Wild Weasal, Hornet, Swingshot, and Detonator

Max Ray

Sea Bat, Tidal Blast, and Depth Charger

Power Pack

Dr. Terror


Doom Drones Strafer and Traumatizer

These toys were made by Kenner in 1986. They tied into a cartoon of the same name.

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