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Harness the Power of Dinosaurs

Millions of years in the future, much of charted space has been conquered by the evil Rulons. The Valorians flee their homeworld as it is ravaged by the Rulons. However, they are pursued by the Rulon fleet. The head of the Rulon armada locks on to the lone Valorian ship with a tractor beam. The Valorians' only hope is to activate the time crystal and escape through the warp. Something goes horribly wrong, and the Valorian and Rulon ships are transported through time. The ships crash land on pre-historic Earth. The only way home is to fix the time crystal. The Rulons use their technology to capture the dinosaurs and control them with brain boxes. They plan to defeat the Valorians and learn the secret of the time crystal. The Valorians have other plans. They ally with powerful dinosaurs and become the Dino-Riders. Thus begins the war of the dinosaurs.

Series I


Diplodocus with Questar, Mind-Zei, and Aries

Diplodocus Loose 3/4 View

Diplodocus Loose Side View

Stegosaurus with Vega and Tark

Stegosaurus Loose(missing blue tail armor and side guns)

Styracosaurus with Turret

Styracosaurus Box Front

Styracosaurus Box Flap

Deinonychus with Sky

Deinonychus with Sky Box Front

Deinonychus with Sky Box Flap

Pterodactyl with Llhad

Pterodactyl Box Front

Pterodactyl Box Flap

Quetzalcoatlus with Youngstar

Quetzalcoatlus Box Front

Quetzalcoatlus Box Flap

Quetzalcoatlus Loose


Tyrannosaurus Rex with Krulos, Bitor, and Cobrus

T-Rex Loose 3/4 View

T-Rex Loose Rear View

T-Rex Loose Front View

Triceratops with Hammerhead and Sidewinder

Triceratops Loose Front View

Triceratops Loose Back View

Deinonychus with Antor and Rock DinoTrap

Deinonychus with Antor Loose

Monoclonius with Mako and Stump Trap

Monoclonius Loose

Monoclonius Box Front

Monoclonius Box Flap

Pteranodon with Rasp and Net DinoTrap

Pteranodon Box Front

Pteranodon Box Flap

Ankylosaurus with Sting

Ankylosaurus Loose

Ankylosaurus Box Front

Ankylosaurus Box Flap

Series II


Brontosaurus with Serina, Acye, and Ikon

Brontosaurus Loose Left Side View

Brontosaurus Loose Right Side View

Brontosaurus Loose 3/4 View

Torosaurus with Gunner and Magnus

Torosaurus Box Front

Torosaurus Box Flap

Edmontonia with Axis

Edmontonia Loose

Edmontonia Box Front

Edmontonia Box Flap

Pachycephalosaurus with Togg

Pachycephalosaurus Box Front

Pachycephalosaurus Box Flap

Strutiomimus with Nimbus

Strutiomimus Box Front

Strutiomimus Box Flap

Dimetrodon with Shado

Dimetrodon Loose 3/4 View

Dimetrodon Loose Side View

Protoceratops with Kanon

Protoceratops Box Front

Protoceratops Box Flap


Kentrosaurus with Krok

Kentrosaurus Box Front

Kentrosaurus Box Top

Kentrosaurus Box Flap

Saurolophus with Lokus

Saurolophus Box Front

Saurolophus Box Flap

Placerias with Skate

Placerias Box Front

Placerias Box Flap

Series III



Pachyrhinosaurus Box Front View

Pachyrhinosaurus Box Top View

Pachyrhinosaurus Loose


Chasmosaurus Loose Side View

Chasmosaurus Loose 3/4 View


Quetzalcoatlus with Algar

Quetzalcoatlus with Algar Box Front

Quetzalcoatlus with Algar Back

Ice Age

Woolly Mammoth

Mammoth Box Front

Mammoth Contents

Sabre Tooth Tiger

Sabre Tooth TigerBox Front

Sabre Tooth TigerContents

Giant Ground Sloth

Giant Ground Sloth Box Front

Giant Ground Sloth Contents

Killer Wart Hog

Killer Wart Hog Box Front

Killer Wart Hog Giant Sloth Contents

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