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The Incredible Domino Rally was first made by Grand Toys of Quebec Canada in 1981. Domino Rally was then produced by Pressman from the mid 1980s through the mid 1990s. The sets featured plastic dominoes that you would stand up and then knock down in one giant chain reaction.

Grand Toys incomplete checklist
  • Domino Rally 200
  • Domino Rally 500
  • Mark I
  • Mark II

Pressman incomplete checklist (The years listed indicate that set was available in that year and not necessarily that they were the first year that the set was issued)
  • All-American Glider Starter Set
  • Deluxe Set with rocket 1989
  • Dino Roar Set
  • Expert Set
  • Extreme Action Set with windsurfer and hangglider
  • Intermediate Set with power tower
  • Mad Lab Set 1996
  • Neon Super Deluxe Set with rocket and helicopter 1994

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