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"The Legend of the DragonMaster.

In an age long gone, when our world was young, the Great Dragons ruled. Their story has past into legend and few now know of their deeds and their vast power. But what was forgotten may be discovered again, and so I will tell you the tale of the fall of the Dragons, and the omens that speak of their return...

The dragons were the masters of Erdeth. They soared the skies on their great wings and breathed fire and lightining - the most powerful creatures that our world had ever known. The dragons ruled and our forefathers were their servants. For generations the lot of humanity was a sad one indeed. So it was, until one great man decided to rebel. His name is lost to history, but he was mighty, wise in counsel, strong in battle and brave enough to dare the wrath of the dragons. He drew followers to him, and together they rose up against the dragons.

Yet neither bravery nor might in battle nor pureness of heart would avail them. Their dragon overlonds were much to powerful, and their rebellion appeared doomed from the start. So it would have been, if not a group of dragons befriended the humans and took their side against their own kind. These dragons, led by the wise Elderath, took pity on the humans and argued that the humans should be allowed to go free. The greater part of the dragons disagreed, and so the Dragon War began in the skies of Erdeth.

We, who have never seen such power before, can only imagine the fury of their battle. The grounds shook, the seas boiled, and the mighty mountains were cast down. The greater number of dragons, led by the great Sargoth, wished to continue humanity's servitude. Slowly but steadily, the humans' dragon allies began to lose the war. Yet Elderath was able to draw victory from the very jaws of his enemy. Elderath cat a great spell, which trapped all of the dragons, good and evil alike, in a hidden, shadowy realm apart from our own. There they have been trapped for uncounted years. Humanity was free, but the price of our freedom was the imprisonment of all dragonkind.

Legend has it that when the great spell was cast, Elderath created a secret bridge, known as Dragon Gate, to serve as a door to the dragons prison. Elderath made a key to this gate in the form of a ring and entrusted it to Bardulf, the first human king. The key has been lost in the mists of time, yet a small fragment of Bardulf's story survived his death through the words 'The Dragon Master shall return' written on his tomb in letters of fire by an unknown hand.

Know ye that dragons are creatures of terrible might: breathers of fire and makers of lightning, with the strength to rip mountains asunder and the ability to control the minds of mortal men. Now they have returned to our world and the battle for the fate of humanity has begun anew..."

Sargoth with Queen Erissa

Sargoth: back of card

Deluxe Edition Raxades with General Dorgan

Deluxe Edition Raxades: box flap

Halbera with Oldaff the Red

These excellent toys were made by Funhouse in 2003. They were part of the Master the Collection line. Unfortunately, only the three dragons shown here were released. The Deluxe edition figures are packed in a box and came with a diorama and figure. All of the figures featured bendable rubber parts as well as multiple points of articulation.

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