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Late in the life of the original Star Wars trilogy, two cartoons were released. One was called Ewoks, and the other was called Droids. Naturally Kenner produced toys for both of these series. They were relesed in 1985. Sadly many action figures and vehicles were planned for both of these series, but never went into production. The series ended in 1986.

  • C-3PO
  • R2-D2
  • Kea Moll
  • Thall Joben
  • Jann Tosh
  • Uncle Gundy
  • A-Wing Pilot
  • Kez Iban
  • Jord Dusat
  • Tig Fromm
  • Sise Fromm
  • Boba Fett
  • Vlix (Glasslite)

  • A Wing Fighter
  • Imperial Side Gunner
  • ATL Interceptor

Unproduced Items
  • Admiral Screed
  • Gaff
  • Governor Koong
  • Jessica Meade
  • Jessica Meade Companion Droid
  • Kleb Zellock
  • Mon Julpa
  • Mungo Baobab
  • Kez Iban Companion Droid

  • White Witch Vehicle
  • Tatooine Skiff

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