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Duel Masters Archive

In 2005 Hasbro released a series of figures based on the Dual Masters collectible card game.

  • Fatal Attacker Horvath
  • Fear Fang
  • Firesweeper Burning Hellion
  • Urth the Purifying Elemental
  • Deluxe Deathliger Lion of Chaos
  • Deluxe Gatling Skyterror
  • Deluxe Electronic Bolshack Dragon
  • Bolshack and Fatal Attacker Horvath
  • Deathblde Beetle and Fighter Duel Fang
  • Deathliger Lion of Chaos and Bone Spider
  • King Coral and Crystal Paladin
  • Urth the Purifying Elemental and Frei Apostle of Air

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