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Paul Atreides
with double barrel pistol, dagger, and tie
LJN Dune Paul Atreides

Stilgar the Freman
with pistol, grapling hook, and tremor sensor

Baron Harkonnen
with belt

caged cat, and knife

with bazooka knife, and helmet

Sardaukar Warrior
with rifle, pistol, and knife


Spice Scout
LJN Dune Spice Scout

Freeman and Sarduakar Blasters
LJN Dune Freeman and Sarduakar blasters

Freeman Blaster and Knife
LJN Dune Freeman blaster and knife

Sand Crawler
LJN Dune Rough Riders Sand Crawler

Sand Roller
LJN Dune Rough Riders Sand Roller

Sand Tracker
LJN Dune Rough Riders Sand Tracker

Unproduced Prototypes

Lady Jessica
LJN Dune lady jessica unproduced prototype

Gurney Halleck
LJN Dune Gurney Halleck unproduced prototype

Harkonnen Thopter
LJN Dune Harkonnon thopter unproduced prototype

These toys were made by LJN in 1984.

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