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Are your action figures tired of sitting on the shelf all day staring at the wall? If so, what they need is a vacation. You can send them to sunny Voltac 7 for less than you think.

Famous for its earthquakes and lava flows, Voltac 7 is the perfect destination for relaxation. Imagine spending the day basking in sun, and warming up by one of the many lava tubes.

By night, your action figures can have a romantic evening under the stars in the glow of the blue gas giant Cerulea. For the more active lifestyle, Voltac offers some of the galaxy's most challenging rock formations. Nothing melts away stress like trying to scale a one thousand foot cliff knowing that any minute an earthquake may throw you to your doom.

Although this package has been quite popular, it is not for everyone, cough Darth Vader. So for those of you with pyrophobia, we recommend a nice relaxing stay at the five-star hotel on Phyllotaxia.

Located on the edge of Heliotropic galaxy, Phyllotaxia is known for its exotic flora and tranquil rivers. Spend the day exploring this paradise with its fields full of phosphorescent plants. Although no tourists have been eaten by the flora, we recommend that you wear a respirator to protect yourself from their pollen which is neurotoxic.

After a long trek, refresh yourself by the waters of the river Styx, but don't be tempted to dive in or you will end up on the other side.

The hotel itself offers deluxe accommodations with all of the amenities that you would expect from a five-star establishment.

For figures with lots of time on their hands, you may want to consider sending them to both destinations.

No, we are not offering to send your action figures across the galaxy. (They wouldn't be much good to you all the way out there.) Instead, bring the galaxy to your figures with a stunning 36"x12" background of Voltac 7 or of Phyllotaxia. These backgrounds are the work of Alan Gutierrez, one of the world's foremost artists of space. Over the course of his career he has created paintings for everyone from the Jet Propulsion Lab to Tonka. His art has been featured on the cover of Popular Mechanics, Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction, BattleDroids (FASA's original BattleTech game), and Legions of Power. Now you can own two of his great works that were created exclusively for the Virtual Toy Chest.

We are now offering limited editions of these amazing backgrounds. They are printed on 100# paper and are limited to 2,500 pieces each. The backgrounds were specially designed for use with 3 3/4" action figures, but as you can see they also look great with everything from 1 1/2" to 6" figures. You can purchase one background for $7.49 plus shipping or buy them both for only $12.49 plus shipping. If you want to decorate a shelving unit, we are offering four backgrounds for the low price of 19.99 plus shipping.

The Fine Print.
  • Action figures are not included.
  • We are not responsible for items that are lost or damaged in transit. If you are concerned that the post office will lose or mangle your package, we recommend that you choose Rush Delivery which includes insurance.
  • We do not accept returns.

  • Voltac 7


    Voltac 7 and Phyllotaxia

    Two Voltac 7s and Two Phyllotaxia

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