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LJN produced a wide range of E.T. toys back in the 80s. These included 2" PVC figures, pull packs, talking E.T., and a vinyl stuffed E.T. There was of course a whole load of other mechandise including board games, lunch boxes, trays, rings, etc.

In 2001, Geoffrey Inc. produced a line of E.T. action figures for the 20th anniversary of the films release. These included the latest interactive chips and animatronics.

Incomplete checklist
  • E.T. PVCs series 1 (10 figures)
  • E.T. PVCs series 2 (10 figures)
  • Elliot's Room
  • Interactive E.T. and Elliot
  • E.T. Real Friend
  • Radio Controlled Elliot on Bike

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