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Evel Knievel Archive

Ideal began producing Evel Knievel figures in 1972. It marked a change of direction for the toy industry, moving from fantasy figures to real life heroes. A year later Ideal released the classic Stunt Cycle with launcher. It was an instant hit and numerous other vehicles were produced.

Evel stood about 6" tall, making him a head shorter than Mego figures.

Incomplete Checklist

  • Evel Knievel in red white or blue uniform.
  • Arctic Explorer Evel
  • Explorer Evel
  • Race Set with tools
  • Robbie Knievel

Derry Daring

  • Stunt Cycle
  • Chopper
  • Trail Bike
  • Canyon Sky Cycle
  • Silver High Jumper Stunt Cycle
  • Strato Cycle with Blue Windscreen
  • Sidewinder Sipercycle with Detachable Sidecar
  • Super Jet Cycle with Turbines

Other Stunt Vehicles
  • Crash and Stunt Car
  • Dragster with parachute
  • Fast Tracker 4X4
  • Funny car

  • Canyon Rig
  • Scramble Van
  • Road and Trail Adventure Set with Pickup Truck

  • Escape from Skull Canyon with Green Hill
  • Stunt Stadium in Plastic Case
  • Stunt World

In the late 90s Playing Mantis reissued some of the classic sets like the Stunt Cycle. They also made some deicast cars under the Johnny Lightning brand.

Various online stores now sell the Dare Devil Stunt Set with Ring of 'Fire', and Signature Style with Stunt Cycle, Dragster, and Funny car.

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