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During the big cartoon boom of the 80s, a spinoff of the Flintstones was created called The Flintstones Kids. Like the Muppet Babies and a Pup Called Scooby Doo, it told the story of the characters when they were children.

In 1986 Coleco produced a range of young childrens action figures based on the series.

Incompelete Checklist
  • Fredie Flintstone with Prehistoric Aligator Skateboard
  • Wilma Slaghoople with Prehistoric Mastadon
  • Barney Rubble with Soapbox Racer
  • Betty Jean Bricker with 'Purple Dino'
  • Dino the dinosaur Pup with Prehistoric Pull Wagon
  • Cavy Jr. with 'Green Turtle'
  • Dreamchip Gemstone
  • Philo Quartz
  • Rocky Ratrock
  • Dreamchip Limo
  • Bedrock Fire Fighter
  • Bedrock Elementary School
  • Town of Bedrock Playset

flintstone kids bedrock elementary school front of box
Flintstone Kids Bedrock Elementary School top of box
Flintstone Kids Bedrock Elementary School back of box
Flintstone Kids Town of Bedrock back of box

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