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Fly Wheels Archive

Fly Wheels were released by Road Champs, a division of Jakks Pacific, in 2005. As of early 2007 they were still being produced. Fly Wheels are just that, skateboard sized wheels... that 'fly' when you launch them with a ripcord. They are proof that simple toys can be a whole lot of fun.

Incomplete Checklist
  • Original Fly Wheels (look like car tires)
  • Skateboard Fly Wheels
  • Night Racers (Glow)
  • Stunt Jump
  • Twin Turbo Launcher
  • Body Gear Launcher
  • Performance Boosters Digital Launcher
  • Rapid Fire Launcher
  • Nitro Tube Carrying Case
  • Collector Case
  • Wheel Wash Set
  • Flight
  • SFX Screamers
  • Twin Aero Launcher
  • Flight Target Shooter
  • Radio Control Fly Wheels
  • Radio Control Monster Truck with Claw Tires
  • Fly Wheels XPV Radio Control Plane / Car

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