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The Frisbee got its name from the Frisbie Pie Company. The bakery was located in Bridgeport, Conneticut. The pies were popular among college students at Yale University. Legend has it that students would eat the pies and then throw the pie tins around like Frisbees.
The work of Walter Fred Morrison and Warren Franscioni brought about the transformation from pie dish to plastic disk. At the end of the second world war thhe began building U.F.O. like flying disks. He went on to design the Pluto Platter which thhe sold to the Wham-O comapny in 1957. Surprisingly the Pluto Platter did not catch on at first. In an attempt to popularize the flying disk Wham-O trademarked the name Frisee and started a marketing campaign.

Master Tournament 150 G


Pro Classic

These Frisbees were made by Wham-O from the 1980s through the present.

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