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Fusion Crew Archive

In 2006 Fisher Price released the Fusion Crew. These figures were somewhat similar in style to those in the Great Adventures line. They spilt in half and could be combined to form strange new beasts. The figures were packaged in pairs on blister cards. They came with a trading card. The one accessory for the series was the Fusion Dome. It was an electronic playset that would pit two monsters against one another.

Incomplete checklist

Animal Crew
  • King Cobra and Buzz Hawk
  • Shaggy Paws and Crusty Claw
  • Shark Tooth and Bannana Tang

Monster Crew
  • Gnarly Growler and Night Fang
  • Mambo Zombo and Bad Wrap
  • Skinin' Bones and Spare Parts

Element Crew
  • Firey Flame and Soggy Swamp
  • Iron Wood and Icy Storm
  • Stone Crusher and Mega Hertz

  • Fusion Dome with Lunge Lizard and Judo Chop

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