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Virtual Toy Chest's
The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

"In 2086, 2 peaceful aliens journey to Earth, seeking our help. In return, they give us the plans for our first hyperdrive, allowing mankind to open the doors to the stars. We have assembled a team of unique individuals to protect Earth and our allies; courageous pioneers committed to the highest ideals of justice and dedicated to preserving law and order across the new frontier. These are the adventures of the Galaxy Rangers!"

The Goose
with Hat and Blaster Pistol

with Hat and Blaster Pistol

with Hat and Blaster Pistol

Z-100 (silver paint version)

Z-100 (chrome plate version)

Back of box

Mel (golden paint version)

Mel (golden chrome plate version)

Laser Backpack

Prototype target

Lazarus Slade
with Coat and Blaster Pistol

The Queen
with Cloak and Gun

Captain Kidd
with Fur Coat and and Gun

Unproduced Items




These toys were made by galoob in 1987. They tied into a cartoon of the same name.

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