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8 inch G. I. Joe figures were first released in the Fall of 2005 by Hasbro, under the name G. I. Joe: Sigma 6. To support the new line, a cartoon was also produced (which lasted for two seasons) along with a comic book by Devil's Due Productions (which lasted for 6 issues.) Although the tie ins did not last long, the action figure series is still being produced as of July 2007, and has proven to be a hit among both kids and collectors.

Early on, the line tended to focus on producing multiple versions of popular characters, such as Duke, Snake Eyes, and Storm Shadow, in a variety of different outfits. The figures could be found in two different styles of packaging, Commando and Soldier class. Commando class figures came with a larger number of accessories and included a small carrying case for the figure's accessories. They retailed at around 15 dollars U.S. The Soldier class figures usually included less accessories and were blister carded at around 10 dollars U.S. The same figure was never offered in both classes.

Although the line was initially denounced by many long time G. I. Joe fans, due to the anime styled appearance of the characters and the new scale, it has continued to grow in popularity. In Summer of 2007, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero, Hasbro changed the 8 inch G. I. Joe line from G. I. Joe: Sigma 6 to G. I. Joe: A Real American Hero 8 inch. The line also broadened in its scope, offering a multitude of subsets, which included Adventure Team, Combat squad, and A Real American Hero 8 inch. The figures were also retooled to include Kung-Fu grip, a feature which added a spring mechanism into the right hand to allow the figures to grasp accessories of different sizes.

Commando 2005 Wave 1 Duke, Heavy Duty, Snake Eyes, Spirit Iron- Knife, Storm Shadow

Soldier 2005 Wave 1 Kamakura, Duke- Sea Ops, Tunnel Rat, Ninja B.A.T.

Vehicles and figure sets 2005 Sigma 6 Hovercycle, Cobra Hovercycle, Ninja Showdown (2 pack w/ redone Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow), Switchfire Blaster (child sized toy prop of Duke's pistol)

Commando 2006 Wave 1 Long Range, Snake Eyes- Ninja Armor, Cobra Commander,

Soldier 2006 Wave 1 Sky B.A.T., Storm Shadow w/ Shouri Crossbow

Commando 2006 Wave 2 Duke- Jet Wing, Heavy Duty w/ Flame Thrower

Soldier 2006 Wave 2 Long Range- Desert Warfare, Snake Eyes- Night Ops, Firefly

Commando 2006 Wave 3 Duke- Arctic Gear, Hi-Tech, Snake Eyes- Jungle Commando, Destro

Soldier 2006 Wave 3 Kamakura- Airglide Ninja, Spirit Iron Knife- Temple Tracker, Tunnel Rat w/ demolitions gear

Commando 2006 Wave 4 Lt. Stone, Snake Eyes w/ Timber- Arctic, Cobra Commander- Batlefield General, Storm Shadow (known as Red Pants Storm Shadow), Zartan

Vehicles and figure sets 2006 Sigma Strike Duke (Figure with electronic backpack), Night Ranger Quad w/ Duke, Paratrooper Duke (A Toys R Us exclusive for 2006, released everywhere in 2007.), Snake Eyes Ninja Gear (Child sized role play set which included hood and sword)

Commando 2007 Wave 1 Duke- Frontal Assault, Grand Slam, Snake Eyes- Windblade, Storm Shadow- Razorwind

Soldier 2007 Wave 1 Hi-Tech w/ weapons pack, Shipwreck, Wetsuit, Firefly (Cobra version)

Commando 2007 Wave 2 Long Range- Camo, Kamakura- Fire Ninja

Soldier 2007 Wave 2 Gung Ho, Inferno, Iron Grenadier

Soldier 2007 Wave 3 Lockdown, Storm Shadow- Samurai, Zartan- Toxic

Commando 2007 Wave 3 Flint, Snake Eyes- Commando, Red Banshee, Storm Shadow- Yakuza, Duke- Frontal Assault (This is a rerelease, as Duke now has Kung-Fu Grip)

Vehicles and figure sets 2007 Ninja Tracker ATV w/ Snake Eyes (This item was canceled for mass release, but has appeared in a number of closeout stores.)

Ninja Paratrooper Snake Eyes (Wal Mart exclusive.)

Figures already shown for future release: Crime Boss Destro, Short-Fuse, Samurai Snake Eyes, Dark Ninja Master.

Adventure team was a subset that started in Summer of 2007, and features sets reminescent of the 12 inch Adveture team toys from the 1970's. Each set is boxed with an 8 inch figure, animal companion or adversary, and accessories.

Adventure Team Wave 1 2007 Pyramid of Peril- Snake Eyes w/ a giant Cobra, Terror of the Swamp- Recondo w/ a Crocdile, Danger in the Jungle- Storm Shadow w/ a Tiger

Adventure Team Wave 2 2007 Joseph Colton (G. I. Joe) w/ a Gorilla, (This is an upcoming wave, so figures might change)

Combat Squad was a subset that started in Summer of 2007 and featured 8 inch figures in outfits closer to realistic military styles. The figures largely consist of recycled parts, including reused heads with minor adjustments.

Combat Squad wave 1 2007 Leatherneck- Marine, Desert Wolf- Army Ranger, Shockwave- Black Ops

Combat Squad wave 2 2007 Recondo, Torpedo, Sgt. Boulder (This is an upcoming wave, so future figures might change)

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