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G.I. Joe Sgt. Savage Archive

Commando Sgt. Savage

Jungle Camo D-Day

Jet Pack General Blitz

Arctic Stormtrooper

3 3/4" G.I. Joe toys had dominated the action figure aisle for more than a decade. In the early 90s sales started to flag. Hasbro tried to right the ship by releasing new 12" figures. They were not as well received as had been hoped. By 1995 drastic changes were needed. Hasbro created a new 5" action figure that was modeled after the 3 3/4" ones. They called the series G.I. Joe Sgt. Savage.

  • Battle Command Sgt. Savage
  • Cryo Freeze Sgt. Savage
  • Combat Sgt. Savage
  • Commando Sgt. Savage
  • Desert Camo Sgt. Savage
  • Urban Attack Dynamite
  • Jungle Camo D-Day
  • General Blitz
  • Jet Pack General Blitz
  • Cyborg General Blitz
  • Arctic Stromtrooper
  • I.R.O.N. Stormtrooper
  • Grizzly SS-1
  • P-40 Warhawk with fighter pilot Sgt. Savage
  • I.R.O.N. Panther with I.R.O.N. Anvil

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