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In 1996 Hasbro and Kenner produced several toys based on the classic Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine. Most notable were the Monster Bags. They were somewhat similar in concept to Trash Bag Bunch. You would soak the bags in water and the figures inside would be covered in ooze. Unlike the Trash Bag Bunch, the figures came in several pieces, and were of course posable. They also had accessories.

Kenner planned on releasing Mighty Max style Goosebumps playsets.

Hasbro also made some great Goosebumps 3D board games. These included A Night in Terror Tower, One Day at Horrorland and Terror in the Graveyard.

Other Goosebumps merchandise included a Fright Writer pen, Cool Ghoul card game, Goosebumps story telling card game.

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