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A whole range of toys were produced based on Disney's Gummi Bears. These included posable figures, PVCs, and plush dolls. Most of these date from around 1985.

Incomplete checklists Posable figures by Fisher Price
  • Gruffi
  • Cubbi
  • Grammi
  • Sunny

  • Zummi with Telescope
  • Gruffi with Mace
  • Guffi
  • Tummi with Cake
  • Tummi with Bird
  • Tummi with Potion
  • Cubbi with Sword
  • Cubbi with Trumpet
  • Grammi
  • Sunny with Flower
  • Sunny with Lute

  • Zummi
  • Gruffi
  • Tummi
  • Cubbi
  • Grammi
  • Sunny

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