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The Golden Compass iorek byrnison battling ice bear moc
Iorek Brynison Battling Ice Bear Back of Card

The Golden Compass Lee Scoresby's Airship Vehicle MIB
Lee Scoresby's AirShip Back of Box

The Golden Compass Tartar Soldier 1 moc
Tartar Soldier Back of Card
Tartar Soldier 2 MOC

The Golden Compass moc
Tony Costa Back of Card

These toys were made by PopCo Entertainment in 2007 and were released with The Golden Compass motion picture by New Line Cinema.

  • Lyra Belacqra
  • Lord Asriel
  • Mrs. Coulter
  • Lee Scoresby
  • Serafina PeHHala
  • Tony Costa
  • Tartar Guard 1
  • Tartar Guard 2
  • Lord John Faa
  • Lee Scoresby's Airship Vehicle
  • Iorek Brynison Battling Ice Bear
  • Ragnar Sturlusson Battling Ice Bear

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