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Our story begins in Scotland, in the year 994 A.D. The castle Wyvern is under attack by Viking raiders. It looked as if all was lost. Then, as the sen set, winged beasts emerged and were able to repel the attackers. These defenders of good are the Gargoyles. A traitor told the Vikings the secret of the Gargoyles, that they turn to stone by day. The Vikings attacked the castle by day, destroying many of the Gargoyles. The Gargoyles revolted, suspecting that they were betrayed by the humans. In an effort to save his daughter, a powerful wizard put a curse on the Gargoyles. He set them to sleep in stone until the wyvern rose to the sky. 1,000 years later the castle was purchased by Xanatos. The gargoyles were revived after centuries of confinement. However, they found themselves in a strange land, New York City. They took up residence in the clock tower of the 23rd precinct of the N.Y.P.D. They now guard the city from the forces of evil.

Series 1





Claw Climber Goliath: NO PIC

Battle Goliath: NO PIC

Broadway: NO PIC

Quick Strike Goliath: NO PIC

Stone Armor Goliath: NO PIC

Deluxe Figures

Mighty Roar Goliath: NO PIC

Power Wing Goliath: NO PIC


Night Striker: NO PIC

Rippin' Rider: NO PIC

Series 2

Elisa Maza

Stone Camo Broadway: NO PIC

Stone Camo Lexington: NO PIC

Flamestorm Goliath: NO PIC

Icestorm Brooklyn: NO PIC

Rainstorm Hudson: NO PIC

Deluxe Figures

Lion Bronx: NO PIC

Griffin Goliath

Minitaur Goliath


Lightning Assault Vehicle: NO PIC


Castle playset

Series 1


Strike Hammer Macbeth

Steel Clan Robot

Demona: NO PIC

Series 2



Xanatos XT 44 Roadster: NO PIC

Special thanks to Wooley for his help in identifying some of the figures.

These toys were made by Kenner in the early 90s. They tied into a Disney cartoon of the same name.

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